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Why websites need an SEO specialist? Video

I recently got this youtube video via Facebook from one of my trusted SEO Marketing Expert Greg Towsley from . The cartoon is so funny but hits the very core of the web design industry.

As I make websites for my clients, I often discuss with them their plans in marketing their website online. I give have since grouped them in 3 general categories

1. website owners that will learn about seo and educate themselves enough to make an impact on their website and perhaps consider hiring an SEO expert.

2. website owners that has no budget for any internet marketing professional but expects their website to have lots of visitors

3. website owners that has no idea on what search engine optimization means and has no interest in learning more about it.

Well, as you can imagine, the outcome after we launch their site in terms of sales and visitors.

This is my philosophy since I started making websites for people.. ” I would rather have an ugly website with lots of visitors vs. a beautiful website with no visitors at all”

Here is the video

Here is another good one for website design, lol.

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