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Why is Typography Important in Web Design?

In this age of modernity, where the internet exists, typography became relevant. It is one of the essential things that exist on a website. If you’re wondering, here are five common reasons why typography is necessary:

CLARITY Your typography says a lot about your website. Therefore, choosing which font and the arrangement of the letters to use in your site matter. If your website promotes fun quality content, choose a more casual text logo that would not intimidate or confuse your visitors. On the other hand, using a specific, straightforward font for the more serious sites is proposed.

LIMITATION In choosing a font for your site, you just can’t put as many as you wish. It is highly recommended to select a font or two, which will be used continuously for your content. Utilizing too many fonts is not pleasing and will provide no benefit to your customers.

EMOTIONS They say a picture paints a thousand words, but some images cannot speak what you’re trying to explain. You can maximize your website by putting content that will depict your emotion and your brand. Properly arranging your text will make it easier for you to express how you feel towards your site. It will be less complicated for you to connect with your readers.

VISUAL APPEAL You created your website for traffic. That said, utilize typography to entice other people to visit your site. Viewers want websites that do not only showcase great products, but they also wish to experience quality content from merchandise to aesthetics.

READABILITY The written parts in your site are meant for reading. They are not just there for content’s sake. Typography matters because your texts should be readable. You should make sure that the header will be distinguished because it should be more massive than other texts. Don’t forget to use fonts that are appropriate for your content so that they can be readable and gratifying for the eyes at the same time.

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