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Why (and How) You Should Invest In Yourself, Not Just Your Employer

Source:  http://alexisgrant.com/2013/07/30/invest-in-yourself/

Author: Alexis Grant

If there’s one big mistake young people make in their careers, it’s this: they work so hard for their employer that they forget to invest in themselves.

Why is that a big mistake? Why does it matter more than ever before?

Because in our new digital world of work, all workers are dispensable. Yes, that means you. No matter how good you are at your job, no matter how great your skills or how big your network, your job is not secure.

Sure, it’s more secure if you become what Seth Godin calls a lynchpin, someone who holds organizations together and makes things happen. It’s more secure if your boss and colleagues like you. But no matter how awesome you are, if you’re depending on someone else to employ you, your paycheck is at stake.


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