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What Is Parralax in web design

What Is Parallax Design?

Graphic showing parallax style layering.

The term “parallax” first came from the visual effect of 2D side scrolling videogames that used different background image movement speeds to create the illusion of depth during gameplay. This was generally done by making the background of the game move slower than the foreground in order to make it seem further away. This same concept applies to parallax site design in which the background of the website moves at a different speed as the rest of the page for an impressive visual effect that allows for countless creative applications for online storytelling.

Parallax design in web design gives websites a great opportunity to:

  1. Wow viewers with page depth and animation

  2. Take a story-telling approach to guide visitors through the site

  3. Make page visits last longer by encouraging visitors to scroll through the entire page

  4. Provoke curiosity

  5. Direct visitors to calls to action

  6. Reenforce website credibility with innovative interactive viewing

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