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Website design do’s and don’ts

Your website is up online for the longest of time. But you’re wondering why it hasn’t attracted visitors the way you expected it to be.

Do you think it’s time for your website to have a fresh look? We’ve listed 10 do’s and don’ts practices of a great website design:

1. Audience Do work on search engine optimization. As working on your website don’t neglect guidelines for the most recent SEO guidelines. Your titles, contents, descriptions are all important matters in ranking better on search results.

Don’t ignore visitors Have a target audience in mind. A certain age group, profile or gender-specific based on your market the design should take inspiration for. For example if you’re selling wedding gowns, your website should have the first impression like a wedding and make use of colors that’s common to wedding ceremonies.

2. Layout Do it simple. Have a simple layout that when the moment an audience visited your website he can easily navigate to what’s his purpose of opening your website in the first place.

Don’t overpopulate information on a single page. We know you want to put as much information as possible so that website visitors will know all products or services you are offering that might interest them. But each visitor has a specific purpose in visiting your website that might be different from the others. Make use of navigation just displaying simple titles or topics and they can click it right away if it interests them

3. Color scheme Do use colors according to a purpose. Colors should reflect your branding, complement the content and delight your audience.

Don’t use too many colors As much as possible just use 1-3 colors that will state your brand. Make use of the colors that’s in your logo. Avoid having a light background and a light text at the same time or dark background and dark text colors. Use opposing colors like light background and dark texts or vice versa.

4. Fonts Do use the appropriate font sizes If possible, just use 1-3 font size. For the titles, subtitles and ordinary contents. If it’s a title use a large font size. If it’s a subtitle use larger than the ordinary texts but smaller than the title. And for ordinary texts, use the standard size you use in contents overall your website. If the texts need emphasis, make use of bold, underline or italic.

Don’t use too many fonts Having 5 different font styles and sizes might lose your visitors in the first few seconds they take a look on your landing page. Too many fonts make it chaotic and look unprofessional.

5. Images Do make it attractive Make sure it reflects your branding. Images are so effective because most people think visually. Use images in your web design posts that are attractive with high resolution and not pixelated.

Don’t put too many images Okay, you’ve found great images on the internet that would speak about your brand. But putting them ALL on a single page even how each of them looks good will make the page crowded. As much as possible keep it light sized because large-sized images slow down your website’s loading time.

6. Mobile compatibility Do make it mobile compatible. A large percentage of your visitors use mobile phones to access your website. Make sure your website design will be able to adjust according to their screen sizes. Failure to handle this will result in a distorted look on their device.

Don’t forget to test functionality on mobile Your website looks good on mobile, but does it function the way it behaves on a desktop? Since mobile screens are smaller compared to desktops, you have to help your website visitors who are searching on the go. They don’t need to scroll long texts you can incorporate easy navigation like product search, store locators or easy access on your service details to get things done easily.

If you’re a website designer, do think like a CEO and an artist at the same time. Your client needs help that the website will work according to his business strategy. Evaluate it. Make sure the website design should look good, user-friendly and helps the business achieve its goals.

Do you want your website to have that fresh and brand new look?

You may contact us and schedule a meeting at our Torrance office:


22519 Hawthorne Blvd.

Torrance, CA 90505

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