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Triton Mixed Martial Arts Training Center

John Marsh, owner and founder of Triton Mixed Martial Arts Training Center located in Redondo Beach, California, came to My Web Design Source seeking to revamp his website. John wanted a site that is both family oriented and still keep that “MMA” theme with fitness and martial arts in mind. His gym is located at the Golds Gym in Redondo Beach which boasts some of the best fitness equipment and great location.


  1. Joomla platform

  2. Custom contact form

  3. Content Management System ( CMS ) using Joomla

  4. Custom graphic banners in flash

  5. Graphics slide show – light box

  6. video integration

  7. Rotating instructor biography

  8. CMS Calendar module

  9. ecommerce function for Triton Products

  10. Advertising modules that features his business advertising

triton mma home page

You don’t have to be a professional fighter to train like one!

Here at Triton Mixed Martial Arts Training Center we believe it is in everyone’s best interest to have experience in the fighting arts – be it for self defense, competition or personal fitness. MMA training is an effective methodology in achieving these objectives and the resultant benefits are enormous. Challenge yourself like never before while building self-confidence.

Impose your will!

group shot triton mma training center

Ryan with John Marsh & Tim Knight


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