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Top Ten Ways to Promote an Online Store through Social Media

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Getting ahead in the world of business firstly requires a wider audience. Shoppers these days prefer to find most of the information through internet searches and quick browsing. We are now in the age where grannies, moms and school kids have started using social networks just because it makes their life easier and entertaining. They get all information from news, business, entertainment and shopping. Businesses are experiencing an ultimate growth via social media networks and it has been reported recently that over 30 percent of online customers are making their purchases via social media networks.

Remember that if your business doesn’t exist online, then you are missing out a lot of potential customers who use the web to find everything they need. If you are really not clear about where to begin with, then here are few things which you can try to get it started.

A decent website will do

This is the most vital thing concerned while optimizing your business site for social media networks. Ensure that all of your products and services are identified clearly with photos and prices posted every now and then. The ‘about’ page of your site must full-fledgedly describe your business, mission, vision and values. You can also display the photos of yourself and your team. Never have an outdated website. If yours is such a thing, then redesign your site by writing new and fresh content at the earliest. Blue Host and Media Temple are theo best reliable hosts which you can make you of.

Create a blog for your website

Creating a blog for your website can be a better idea to promote your website. Keep updating your blog at least once in a week with new and relevant content. WordPress can be one great and free platform which builds your blog in an efficient manner. Blogs are capable of gathering more traffic to your website by sharing via social media networks like Facebook, twitter and Google plus. Consider constructing your blog on WordPress platform as it’s great and available for free. You can also connect with other relevant blogs and offer guest blogging options to it.

Set up a Facebook Fan Page

By creating your own Facebook fan page, you can post photos of yourself, your team, your business, products and so forth, and ask your friends and relatives to join the fan column. Also, add a link to this page on your website and let your customers know your valuable and informative updates there. Let them also know the number of fans you have on that page.

Twitter Profile

Set a decent photo of yours on your twitter profile and tweak the design of your page in a way matching your website colors and design. Just like in Facebook, ask your friends and relatives to follow you on twitter also. Search for people who are sailing on the same boat as yours and follow them. This can make them also to follow you back, if you are really coming up with some valuable tweets.

LinkedIn Profile

With a LinkedIn profile, you can easily connect with your friends and colleagues. Ask them for recommendations and references and in turn you can also write for them. All you got to do is tell them about your products and services. Come on man – he is your friend and he’ll surely do!

Google Places

Getting listed on Google Places ensures that you are on the map. This can be way to increase your chances of being found online.


There are a plenty of website which review business. Look for the one which reviews your kind of businesses. Ensure that your business is listed in their directories. Individuals can review your products and share their experiences they had on your services.


Being helpful to your customers is ultimately important. Businesses offering after sale support are greatly acknowledged and make sure yours is one among such sites. Search for forums related to your business. Answer for the questions asked by people about the businesses like you. Share your links there and tell than that you are a provider of one such requirement.


Create your business videos and upload them to YouTube. Videos are a great way to showcase and review products since they explain a step by step process. Only thing you need to take care of while implementing videos is whether they are of a finer quality. Read more at

This article is written by Krish Kash, and he is a Marketing Manager and technology blogger specializing in facebook Shopping Apps and mobile app development.

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