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Top 7 E-Commerce Sites

Electronic commerce introduces us to the buying and selling of services and goods through the internet. This platform allows one to build his website without needing coding skills or a large budget. Since there are many to choose from, this article will provide you the top seven e-commerce sites.

SHOPIFY Shopify is a recommended Canadian-based e-commerce solution. It is exceptional in keeping up with the trend. Amateur entrepreneurs must learn the basics of this platform to launch their business efficiently. Their website features are excellent, and they have good reviews from their customers. The price starts at $29.

BigCommerce One of the top e-commerce platforms is BigCommerce. It allows you to set up your online store where you can input products to sell. Its usability stands up in contrast with other e-commerce sites. Plus, its system renders a secure experience for both shoppers and sellers.

Squarespace Another platform that is easy to use is Squarespace. It claims to be the solution for any entrepreneur who is making his way to craft a superb website because they present flexible features and designs. Another advantage of Squarespace is that you can sell unlimited products on any of your e-commerce price plans.

VTEX VTEX is a Brazilian-based collaborative commerce that helps one develop their business. A downside one might want to consider is that it may have higher fees. However, it is remarkable for having a Password Free Checkout that helped boosted traffic by 30%.

Wix Wix is a free platform for all. You can only pay if you want to acquire professional features such as creating your e-commerce or domain name. They have visually appealing templates that are of great help, especially for someone who does no coding. It is user-friendly, but you may also want to consider that you have to avail their premium plan to accept online payments beyond $300.

Magento The Magento platform is built to provide a flexible and powerful marketing e-commerce tool. It is open-source, so there is no need to pay for it. It is different from most website builders because it requires further technical knowledge and skills to efficiently us it.

Weebly Weebly is a free website builder designed for online stores or blogs. They have alterable websites that can be used. You can freely upload multiple photos and videos of your product. It is made for small businesses that want to create a site as fast as possible without customizing them. For a better experience, they also provide services that cost at least $25.

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