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Tips to Improve Website Performance

Even a tiny improvement on your website could bring a drastic impact on your audience engagement. One of your goals as an owner is to ensure that you boost its performance for the better. There are plenty of suggested ways to do so; however, we have simplified it into four useful ways for you.


Images are crucial factors that will help your visitors visualize what your brand is all about. That said, it is imperative to learn about the proper formats, such as when to use a GIF, JPEG, or PNG. Generally, it is most appropriate to use JPEG that is of good quality. PNGs are for illustrations with limited and straightforward colors.


There are plenty of Search Engine Optimizations that can be used to create website traffic. Use these opportunities to help you with your marketing strategies. SEO has facets that are essential to increase website performance. Some of the best SEO tools that can be used for website analysis are Google Analytics and Databox.


As soon as a user clicks request to make a request, you have to ensure that its response time is appropriate. Take time to learn about the domain name system or DNS. This system translates the URL into its IP address that will lead to the requested location. Ensure that your DNS provider is fast so that you can improve your site.


Browser cache is placing content in storage in preparation for an unforeseeable time when you might need it. Through it, web cache may serve as your downloaded asset for future use. Storing files into your system may help increase loading speed. Subsequently, your website’s performance improves.

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