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The Ultimate Guide to Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service optimized for storing and uploading data related to your website. This hosting activity allows your customers to visit your site. In line with this, there are some things that you should consider as a guide to web hosting. Here are some of them:

Types of Web Hosting

There is not just one type of web hosting that fits all. Some classifications of web hosting include Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Managed Hosting. Shared hosting is the least expensive and highly affordable hosting. It permits your website to be on the same server as other sites. Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, on the other hand, is more expensive than the former. It can imitate a server for your website even if, technically, it is just another type of shared hosting. Meanwhile, managed hosting is the most common option to consider, for your service provider does the managing job for you. This job includes security and maintenance.

Types of Website

It is not only the hosting that you should consider. Identify what kind of website you have, for it will help you figure out the hosting you need to use. Website types include static and dynamic sites. A static website does not change in response to the activities made by the user. It is distinguished as a site created with CSS and HTML using a basic text editor. If you talk about a dynamic website, however, this site permits active and progressive activities of interaction between the user and the elements of the website.

DNS Address

A Domain Name Servers (DNS) Address is also called as Name Servers. It is where IP addresses are placed and listed. Steps to set up your DNS address include:

  1. Going to your Domain Control Panel

  2. Logging in to your customer account

  3. Selecting a Domain Name

  4. Proceeding to the Domain Registration section

  5. Choosing Name Servers or DNS

  6. Replacing current Name Server into the DNS provided by your hosting service

After considering these steps, your website is now ready for the public. It is time to upload it to its hosting server.

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