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The Top 4 Powerful Design Principle

A beautiful design influences the overall impact of your website. It has to deliver the story that your brand wants to promote. As much as tons of design principles claim to be helpful, we chose the top 4 principles that we think you should work on. That said, here are the four powerful design principles that you want to use on your website:

Balance Balance is a thing we want to achieve this in our personal lives; we may also want to apply this in design. To accomplish this, you have to weigh all the other elements behind it. From text, shapes, or sizes, your designs must show their relationship to each other.

Contrast Contrast is achieved in plentiful of ways. You can use dark and light colors, bold and narrow texts, or empty and filled spaces. The purpose of contrast is to set viewers’ eyes to the focal point of your site. They will understand that bold and more prominent words are more dominant that than the smaller ones. Through contrast, it will be easier for you to create a compelling design that promotes your brand.

Proportion Proportion indicates the relationship between all of the elements you’re using concerning color, quantity, and degree. Just like contrast, proportioning your designs help others identify the prevailing parts of your site. You don’t just design; you emphasize the more valuable parts through applying proportion.

Proximity Proximity is the distance between and among your designs. The nearness or farness of elements from one another makes the audience assume which once are related or unrelated to each other. Through understanding the value of proximity, you help the audience quickly figure out the interconnection between and among your design.

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