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The Difference between Web Page, Website, Web Server, and Search Engine

It a bit overwhelming, but there is a lot of web jargon that comes along with it. Sometimes, we tend to mix words up and think that we use it properly. However, to avoid misinterpretation, you have to earn an idea with the words that are often misused. The article will help you expand your knowledge in this; we will disclose to you the difference between web page, website, web server, and search engine.


A web page is an often Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) written document. This document is the one we see displayed in browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Web pages comprise texts, images, and videos. A web page has different types of resources, including scripts for additional page interactivity, style formation that controls a page’s look, and media.


A website is a set of web pages linked to a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). These web pages share the same domain name. A site is composed of collected pages that contain information about specific to a particular content. Types of websites include blogs, fashion web sites, private websites, and informational sites. Examples for this are Facebook and Twitter.


Web servers are responsible for hosting websites. The term “hosting” is a service that allows individuals to be accessible for posting. A web server can host multiple sites making it available for its users. It has two aspects, namely hardware and software. The function of a hardware is to store files and the operating software. Meanwhile, a software part is the operating information that is used by a server to function. Some servers include HFS, HTTP, and URL.


A search engine is a software that allows users to find web pages for other websites. Accessible via the internet, these engines provide lists for users to see which best matches their search. Search engines include Google and Bing, and each of these engines possess their features and distinctions.

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