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Stuart Cellars Winery – Ecommerce Site, Custom Shipping, Coupons & Membership

Stuart Cellars Winery from Temecula, California came to My Web Design Source a few months ago wanting to build a robust ecommerce website with many different custom features. While already shipping to their customers all over the United States, they wanted to further boost their sales and making ordering their products seamless to their current and future customers by marketing a website with robust ecommerce capabilities.


  1. Ecommerce integration using Magento Ecommerce with their merchant account

  2. Real time UPS shipping rates and integration

  3. Custom tax charges for different States

  4. No shipping options to certain States

  5. Customized coupon features for membership discounts

  6. Flash slide show and graphic branding throughout the site with their logo

  7. Membership online management system

big logo.jpg

Stuart Cellars Winery ecommerce using Magento Ecommerce

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