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SEO Trends in 2020

It is just the first month of 2020. However, the SEO Trends are now making a wild claim to fame online. Find out what are the latest trends they have to help you increase your edge in the online competition.

Trend #1: The Voice Search

Voice search is increasingly popular with over millions of queries from its users. This speech recognition technology permits users to search orally rather than typing a series of words. This capability becomes a convenient way for users to search faster than ever.

Trend #2: User Experience

The UX is trending for its provision of positive encounters to the users. It attempts to suffice the needs of the users by making sure customers have good experiences to maintain their loyalty to a product. In 2020, User Experience offers more significant sites where more user needs can be provided with solutions.

Trend #3: Brand Construction

By utilizing the essence of social media, one can now prioritize having relevant mentions of their services. Paid advertisement will never cease to exist. However, the building and managing of link profiles, which allows you to listen to every mention of your brand, is better. This strategy makes you aware as to how your customers view your product. Therefore, it gives you the advantage to know how to take care of them.

Trend #4: BERT

It stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. BERT is Google’s product. It was created to train one’s question answering system. The application of BERT in the marketers have more considerable chances of first-page rankings in Google SERP. One of its primary functions is to be of use for Google to improve its natural language understanding.

Trend #5: Programming

Programming improves SEO’s SEOs. It is fundamental for analyzing your target market, creating better customer experiences, and timely responses through SEO automation. Via Programming, machines can now solve complex problems and dilemmas less complicatedly, and with little to no help from human input.

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