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Project Development Excitement & Business Networking.


A new year arrived and so did new clients as they commit to their website goals in 2009. Congratulations to our new clients this week! I can feel the excitement in the air!

Foam Style Inc. – Specializing in foam molding for window trims, conices, window sills and columns.

Foam Style

Garo, owner of FoamStyle

Blue Skies Designs LLC – Specializing in large size shirts and sweaters. They also have a “State-of-the-Art” printing press and embroidery machines.


Joe, owner of Blue Skies Designs

Let’s Make Memories – 12 years of DJ/MC , photography and videography experience all bundled in one company that services from small parties to corporate events.

Sonoma Crisp – A highly reviewed and praised health food snack manufacturer, distributor and retailer to major food chains in the United States.


We also did not stop there this week. My Web Design Source is a member of Business Networking International and so I reach out to other business owners and professionals to get to know them and their business. Our goal… to refer each other customers!

Meeting other business owners is a great way to form friendships and business relationships. Here are a few that I met this week and got to know their businesses background and services.

Julie Evidon ( ) – Art Direction and Communications since 1999. Julie has extensive work in the health and beauty industry and specializes in art production of catalogs, billboard advertising, product packaging and a graphic designs of all sorts. Her portfolio was simply amazing! I’ll be using her soon to update our MWDS brochures and print advertising.

Jossette Murphy ( ) – About Space is about interior and architectural design. They are a personalized, highly professional and experienced design studio in El Segundo, CA dedicated to creating elegant and functional interiors. Jossette has 15 years of experience in her field and looking at her portfolio and what others have said about her, About Space is definitely in demand.

Jossette, owner of About Space Studios

Jossette, owner of About Space Studios

Beth Damianakes ( ) – Membership and Insurance Specialist at AAA. Beth actually helped me in my membership at AAA and will be assisting me getting me better rates in my car insurance at AAA. Her extensive customer service earned her prestigious awards last year and with 9 years of experience at AAA, I will be going back and recommending my circle of friends and family.

Beth, So. Cal AAA

Beth, So. Cal AAA

Sherry Marshall – Live, in person and my personal business coach! Sherry will be consulting with MWDS and will be helping us out in organizing our growing operations. Her years of experience in helping business owners such as myself will definitely give me insights in reaching MWDS’ and my business goals this year. My initial consultation with Sherry on this past Tuesday was awe inspiring and made me realize how much more I need to do to reach my 1, 5 and 10 year goals.

Sherry - Business Coach

Sherry - Business Coach

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