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Principles of a Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is quite a popular option for budgetary reasons. Years prior, most people use their desktop computers to explore the internet. However, as time passes, gadgets with various screen sizes can now access what used to be a computer monitor’s forte. That said, designers need to become accustomed to some of the guidelines and principles of responsive design. Here are four of them:

FLUIDITY One of the phases of matter is liquid, a fluid that conforms to its container’s shape. In designing, the fluidity also pertains to your system’s adaptability and design material to various screens. For example, when you decide to put images, ensure that these images’ scale fits its screen, rendering the same quality.

MOBILE VS DESKTOP According to claims, there is only a little difference among whichever screen sizes you started your project. You may commence from the smaller screen (mobile) then to a bigger screen (desktop). Long as you exert the same excellent effort for any screen, every user will enjoy their experience. All you have to do is to see for yourself what works better for you.

FLOW Even experts, especially them, devise a flow to help them craft the site’s design. Making a flow will smoothen the process of creating the website. You have to secure a well-planned input to find an influx of visitors to your site. This idea will also help you save time.

TEST Before opening your site to the public, it is advisable to perform several user testing. This way, you may see what works and what does not for your website. After all, you aim to achieve traffic. Hence, you have to guarantee first that your site is ready for public use.

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