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Podcasts for Business Owners Reveal Powerful 5 Steps Business Goal Formula For All Women Entrepreneu


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VICTORIA, Australia July, 2013 – It was Robert Collier who said that, “Success is the sum of small efforts that are repeated day in and day out” and he was right. In 2013, when there is a fiercely competitive global market, it’s imperative business owners take the time out to write their business goals down, no matter how long or short they are. Unfortunately, there are many business owners who rely on wishful thinking, blind luck and hope by NOT taking the ‘time out’ to write down their goals and the actual steps required to achieve them. Business coach and marketing mentor, Annemarie Cross says, “If this sounds familiar, you’re certainly not alone. This is why setting a powerful business goal is something I encourage ALL my clients to work on.”

Annemarie empowers business owners around the world through her podcasts for entrepreneurs on the ‘Ambitious Entrepreneur Network’.  She concentrates heavily on helping business women build their reputation as experts in their respective field so they can get noticed, hired, and paid what they are worth.

With close to 100 successful podcasts for business owners under her belt where she interviews guest entrepreneurs to entertain and inform listeners on business topics, Annemarie is successfully gleaning secrets from the people who have already ‘been there, done that’ so that other entrepreneurs can learn from their mistakes and make sure they don’t make the same ones themselves.

By creating a ‘30-day Powerful Biz Goal’ many of Annemarie’s clients and fans of herpodcasts for business owners have achieved incredible results in their businesses.  In one of her podcasts for entrepreneurs, Annemarie refers to this ‘Powerful Biz Goal Formula’ that includes five steps to goal achievement each and every time:

  1. Specific—What is the goal that business owners want to achieve?

  2. Measurable—

Why: Why is this goal important to business owners? When: When do business owners want to have achieved this goal? How: How will business owners know when they have achieved their goal?

  1. Actions— What actions need to be taken to ensure business owners achieve their goal? LIST THEM ALL.

  2. Resources— Who/What else do business owners need to ensure they achieve their goal?

  3. Time—

Schedule Time: Business owners should plan ahead and stick to these commitments. Outsource Tasks: Business owners should keep in contact with their team ensuring they are aware of deadlines, expectations etc.

  1. Remember—

Monitor: Business owners should monitor their progress to ensure they stay on track. Celebrate: Business owners should celebrate their success once they have achieved their goal.

Award-winning podcast host Annemarie Cross has been involved in over 200 podcasts, and has been dubbed ‘The Podcasting Queen’ by her followers and listeners. To find out more about business success from Annemarie, and about her ‘Powerful Biz Goal Formula’, listen to her small business podcast show for entrepreneurs today.

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