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Logo Design Trends in 2020

Updated: Apr 25

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The beginning of the decade is a great way to welcome new graphic designs for logos. Although logo trends are almost always static, there are still new twists that can be added for it to look unique. The reason as to why these logos are outstanding is because it is more than just a symbol. It distinguishes the uniformity of the brand from others. With this, we give you our top 5 outstanding logo designs that we think will go big this 2020.

3D Gradient Logos

These screen-perfect logos will have a spot in 2020. A gradient logo allows the designer to play with colors that will fascinate its viewers by the complexity of its appearance. One of the latest innovative ways to make use of this is to combine vivid colors that speak boldness and brightness. Some artists also stick to one shade and just trying to achieve an impressive monochromatic logo.


Minimalism could be the new standard for 2020 logos. Its “straightforwardness” has been refreshing in the eyes. Although it may look like bland for others, the minimalistic logos are highly preferred due to its ability to promote balance to the design and the background. Minimalist logos come with different shapes that have meanings beyond basic.


These nostalgic vintage logos are back on the limelight this 2020. Mostly hand-drawn, this style is now easily digitalized as impressively expressive style that fits for a lot of brands. Some of these designs come in cartoon-inspired logos that touch the most profound emotional levels of the consumers.

Luxurious Clean Typography

These types of logos will boldly present itself in public with its simplified yet practical appearance. Although uncomplicated, this does not mean that style is not exhibited. Clean typography comes with less playfulness, yet more sophisticated typography.

Complex Animations

It gets more and more complex each year. This 2020, animated logos are used in many playful ways to present a brand. Some use these complicated animations to tell a story, to be more elaborative, or to be more enticing to costumers. This logo design has been in the mainstream for years because it is a fun way to captivate the attention of consumers. Plus, you can add and do a lot of details that other logo designs fail to add.

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