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Jacqueline Huynh Schaeffer – Reap Coaching, Business and Life Coach

Jacqueline Huynh Schaeffer – Reap Coaching, Business and Life Coach.

The “REAP” in the business name is an acronym for Results, Empowerment, Authenticity and Potential. Do you see results from your efforts, do you feel empowered, are you living your life in authenticity and do you feel like you have unlimited potential? If you don’t, how would it feel to have all these things? Would you like to know how to get it?

I have many ways for you to start. For baby steps, I provide 60-90 workshops/tele-classes. To go half-way, I offer 6-8 week programs. If you are ready to dive in & transform your life, I have 16-week programs. If you can’t afford or are not ready for private or group sessions with me right now, I also offer E-workbooks which you can purchase & work at your own pace. You can choose to not participate in a program and “tailor-make” your own program based on your needs and wants currently. Everything I offer can be done as a group session or one-on-one both in person or over the telephone.


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