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“iParenting” In The Internet Age – Smartphones, Tablets, Computers & Kids


Author:  Ryan Gagajena

The rise of computer tablets to smartphones, our children are growing up with these technology every day of their lives. The internet and these technologies have made our lives fun, educational and full of DANGER!

How are parents managing the internet with their kids?

What are parents doing about it?

And what are the benefits and dangers of the internet?

Do you use your phone to baby sit your kids?

Are you worried that your child is getting addicted to video games?

Do you want to leverage the internet as an educational tool but not sure where to start?

Are you not sure how to monitor your child’s activities on the internet to protect them from “harmful” and “inappropriate” contents?

We will discuss on how parents keep up with the latest trends in gaming, social media and security that is appropriate for our children’s age.


Understanding how these electronics devices that are connected to the internet is molding our children’s life.

Fun and educational tools we can use for our children.

Social media and the role it plays in our family.

“Inappropriate” age specific contents that our children are exposed to.

How we monitor our children’s “online” activities?

With the emergence of smart phones and computing tablets, our children will continue to be able to access the internet and use these devices whether we like it or not. As parents, lets take a “pro-active” approach, embrace and make these devices a positive and rewarding experience for our children and our whole society.

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NOTE: Kids are welcomed to this event and we will have a separate room for them with activities and a mini-presentation for those kids who might be interested in what is the internet and how does websites work!

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