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How to give honest feedback without frustrating your web designer

We all want the best for our websites. We do not want it to have rigid contents, for we hope every user to have access to it the best way. However, if our web designer failed to do it the way we want it to be, it is not wrong to tell them that we want a better output. But if you are worried that you might discourage them, then here are five best ways to give feedback to your web designers without frustrating them:

Compliment Their Effort This is one of the best ways to encourage web designers to be more industrious in their field. Receiving simple compliments and appreciation to their effort would boost their confidence and competence in their job. It is also one of the easiest intros before telling them that you want to settle things with their output.

Talk to Them Directly for Major Revisions Even on a busy schedule, you need to ask the designers to meet in person or talk via video call if you want significant revisions. Doing so gives them the idea that you are looking forward to seeing positive changes with their work. Also, it would be easier for you to explain precisely what revisions you are expecting. This is for them to understand what modifications you are up to. It will not hurt to tell them that your objective here is to meet the needs of the clients. It sounds like a win-win to me!

Avoid Ambiguity when Giving Comments Do not just say, “I just don’t appreciate the essence of your work,” or “There’s something about it that I don’t like.” These statements would make the designer feel incapable of reaching his best potentials. Instead, you should be clear about the points that need to be changed. You may provide specific examples of what you want to be altered or modified.

Be Polite Bear in mind that although clarity is needed, you are talking to human beings. You don’t want the web designers to end up belittling themselves just because they failed to reach your expectations. Try to discern the words you use when talking to them. Remember that you cannot take back what you said.

Trust the Web Designer The website designer that you are working with is an expert in that field. He is knowledgeable and was specially trained for that profession. Listen to his statements. Allow him to explain as to why his output ended up differently in a few to a lot of aspects. You should show and tell him that you believe in his capacity to do his job significantly.

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