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Google Algorithm Helps Small Businesses

For those in the internet marketing and web design world, we have seen a pretty drastic change in how Google has changed how results show up in search engine. Several times a week, I often check my rankings in the these keywords as they are my target audience, “torrance web design, torrance web designer and web designer in torrance.” Most of my client are in my hometown and office, which is Torrance. I also cover Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, Gardena surrounding cities.

I would like to share some great resources in my area that talks about this Google change which happened February / March 2011.

By the way, it was three Tuesdays ago that I noticed how my local search results shot my company website, My Web Design Source up in the Google search results. Every since, my phone has been “off the hook!” which has been great for business. Thanks Google!

Thanks to Gerrek Allen for this post…. someday I got to meet this guy in person as he is only a couple of blocks from my office. Not even a mile, I think.

Here is link to his original post.

This is his Facebook page… 4,500 friends.. wow!

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