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Getting your website ready for holidays

Sure, you are excited about the website you have wanted for long, and you aspire it done for the holidays. But before we jump into the conclusion for the readiness of your site, you may want to look back if you have considered our list on how to get your website ready for holidays:

Optimize the loading time of your website

Your website visitors will become annoyed if it takes too long for them to load your homepage. A few seconds more to take, then they will decide to hit that close tab button just before your website completely loaded all the contents! Customers are always in a hurry, you have to make sure the content they’re looking is served up just when they click through.

Make sure your website is up and running 24/7

Test, test and test your updates before you deploy right before the holidays! This could interfere with your vacation once you know that the website isn’t working well just as your business is expecting. Also make sure you are with the right hosting that could handle enough traffic volume with a possible increase of your website visitors due to holiday season.

Build promotion strategy ready

Holiday means special deals, this could potentially gather website visitors and potential leads by releasing holiday coupons. Make sure it is well designed and the offer is good the catch interests online.

Ensure website visitors can contact you in all device types

As most people are away from work, the majority of them will be accessing your site mobile. Make sure it won’t be a pain for them to access your website using other platforms like smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The responsiveness of your website design is the key that can handle any screen sizes.

Looking for help to get your website ready this holiday?

You may contact us and schedule a meeting at our Torrance office:


22519 Hawthorne Blvd.

Torrance, CA 90505

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