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Features Your Contact Us Page Should Have

If you are thinking of just putting dull Contact Us details for your site, then think again. For any business website, the Contact Us page is vital, for it is one of the most significant leaps for getting a grip on your customers. Clients will not just stumble and see your contacts; they will look for it. That reason should drive you to spend time thinking about how to enhance your Contact Us page. With that, we present to you seven features that your Contact Us page must have:


Getting your contact’s information is the most vital part of the page. However, done are those days when you tediously do it. Try to add some twists that will captivate your clients to enter. If you manage a website that sells beauty products and targets women, you may start with, “Hi, beautiful! What’s your name?” This way, your shoppers will look forward to more beautiful things that await as they explore your site.


You cannot show them yet how your website is beneficial, but you can tell them what it is for them to be a part of your site. Aside from being welcoming to your audience, you may include slogans that promote security. These slogans include, “We will take care of your finances,” or “You can communicate with our team” to make them feel that your concern is to take good care of them.


Form your well-organized Contact Us page where it should only contain necessary information. If you asked for your contact’s birthday, then it’s unnecessary to ask for the age. You may follow other site’s format where they ask for an e-mail address or a contact number. If it’s not relevant to ask for both, then give them an option to choose either of the two. Your potential customers would not spend the entire day filling out a long page.


The moment your client sees your contact page, they begin to judge how your website contents would look. That being said, show them how your products and services reflect your taste and persona. Consider the most appropriate tone that will represent your website to the crowd.


Present a fresh idea to your audience. Make your ideas simple but effective. You may add a few designs or illustrations just as other pages do, but present it refreshingly. Bear in mind not to take away your personality from your page.


Most of the time, people would choose simple-and-easy-to-navigate websites rather than fancy yet complicated ones. This idea is because clients are eager to see your features more. If the designs are too intricate, the interaction is too long, or the clicking experiences take time, people would not settle for it. Therefore, do not think about it too much for too long.


Often, we refer to white spaces as dull and lifeless. We keep on adding figures and illustrations to maximize the page. On the other hand, white spaces may also feel relaxing and cozy. Its emptiness is not totally empty, for this allows people to highlight the purpose and goal of your site rather than anything else.

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