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Facebook Shopping Cart with Paypal… social ecommerce

I was excited to see this integration by Facebook… ecommerce with Paypal! Here is the article

I will be giving this a test spin as it looks like it will be a great way to sell “stuff” online!

Given that Facebook shopping is still in its nascent stages, it is essential for businesses to guarantee both an easy and secure user experience.

The most obvious way to reassure new Facebook shoppers is by building an environment that mirrors the traditional e-commerce experience. Supporting all the same functionality, businesses create a new shopping medium that is arguably even more useful than the dot-com website, given the additional social features.

To uphold an easy user experience, businesses should contain the shopping experience within Facebook, without redirects to their traditional website. A brand’s complete inventory can be extended to Facebook, incorporating individual PDP pages to support comprehensive “online window shopping.” Lastly, upon logging in to Facebook, users should have the flexibility to complete purchases either from Facebook or from the original site at a later time.

In addition to extending the same shopping functionality, businesses should also translate the same security features to Facebook. By integrating the website’s preferred payment system on Facebook (PayPal or otherwise), brands can process transactions the same way as they would on a website. All security offered by the traditional website is therefore maintained via Facebook.

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