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CrowdSync Offers Straight-To-Facebook Video Uploading Of Concerts, Events

Author: Justin Lafferty

Source: Click Here

While there are a variety of ways to upload video to Facebook, CrowdSync is hoping to change the way people share footage from their favorite concerts and events. The recently launched iOS application allows concertgoers to easily upload videos to Facebook, share with friends, and even view specific events from a variety of crowdsourced angles. CrowdSync announced Tuesday that it has been invited to the South by Southwest Music Festival to compete against other apps in the Music Accelerator contest.

CrowdSync was launched in the App Store in December, and it has quickly gained a loyal following. Through CrowdSync, users at a concert (or any event) can record video, edit the clip, and easily publish it to Facebook or Twitter. Users of the app can also specify which show they’re at, and see video from other CrowdSync users, giving music fans a multitude of camera angles.

Co-founder Alex Fortunato said people have been using CrowdSync to not only post videos to Facebook from concerts they’ve attended, but also to share their friends’ videos and spread awareness of local bands:

We’ve seen that people are both uploading video and sharing it through the open graph from concerts that they’ve attended. But then we’re also seeing that people are sharing events that they have not attended. Whether you have attended an event or it’s something that you’re viewing for the very first time through CrowdSync, you’re able to share both of those through the open graph.

Co-founder Laird Hayward noted that CrowdSync doesn’t want to spam users by overusing theopen graph features, and there are controls in place so that users can decide how much they want to share.

Fortunato and Hayward will get the chance to bring CrowdSync to a much larger stage when the app competes against other web-based musical applications at the popular SXSW festival.

Hayward talked with AllFacebook about the app’s success:

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the positive feedback we’ve gotten from the users thus far. Being accepted to compete on stage at SXSW is just further affirmation that we’re onto something pretty cool. Alex and I are excited and humbled with the good press we’ve gotten so far.

Readers: Have you tried CrowdSync?

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