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So you have been thinking about starting a website. You are so immersed in the idea that it would be helpful for you in your ways. However, you do not know what kind of site you should make. What would captivate the audience to open your web page? What site would make potential clients to go back to your website? All these questions are undoubtedly challenging to answer. But, we will provide you with five website themes that you may try depending on the skills that you possess.


Try writing with anything under the sun. Extend your creative side by posting your blogs online. It can be funny, informative, or debatable. Personal blogs are easy to catch attention because people tend to love reading online. This idea will also help you to explore other parts of you that you have not discover. As a start-up, you can begin with posting weekly or depending on your availability. You’ll never know how many people you can touch and inspire with your website that promotes your artistic written works.


This website is one of the highly requested sites of all. Nowadays, people are more practical when it comes to decision making. That being said, they are intrigued by the quality of the product or service they wish to avail. There are different kinds of review sites that you can try on depending on your interests. If you claim to be a bookworm, you can try setting a website that shares your reviews about the books you can read so that those who plan to read it may have a glimpse of what to expect about the book. You may also do reviews about makeup brands you tried, the food you tasted, or trending products you bought. This website would be of help to indecisive buyers who wish to get the “know-what’s” of certain things they want to avail.


Your audience will be inspired to discover what you did to be wherever you are right now. Journey blogs are effective ways to entice more viewers. You may show your journey to achieving healthy skin from your breakout experience. Share to your viewers what steps you took to reach the skin you have been longing for long. You can share to them what things you equipped or the stuff you have to get rid of to have THE skin you have been asking for. It may also be your weight loss journey. Tell the world how you overcame your difficulty in controlling your eating habits to becoming the person who is fitter and healthier. Document yourself from the day you decided to become a different version of yourself. By doing it one at time, the audience will be excited to look forward to the difference you can make in the long run.


One of the most wanted things that people want to achieve is to practice frugality. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult to achieve. Yet, no matter how challenging it may be, people are still interested in gaining inspiration to save money. If that is the case, starting a website that teaches people to save will be necessary. Students are one of the most accessible audience to encourage because most of them hardly know how to earn since they are still dependent. Share with them your ideas as to how they can save more and spend less so that they can prepare for unforeseen expenses.


The fans will surely be into this! Try selecting a celeb or artist that you love, and start dedicating blog or videos about them. You should include their journey in becoming the person they are as of the moment. Do write a blog about every move they make. Follow them in their social media accounts to be more updated with their whereabouts. Having a celebrity site will gain you more followers because fans would certainly love hearing about their idol.

Still don’t know what kind of site you’re going to make that could grab the users attention?

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