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Color Trends in 2020

The colors that we pick speak so much about our identity. Some colors express boldness, others shout creativity, some hues inform about our gentleness, among others. While you may already be impressed with your color choices, you might want to try something different. Something more enticing and costumer-driven that will establish your brand. If you are not sure which colors to choose yet, then it’s our pleasure to present you our top six color trends for 2020.


One of 2020’s top shades is this bright and fierce orange-red color that is definitely outstanding. Inspired by what looks like an energetic radiance of fire, lush lava is a vibrant tone that is a mixture of orange and red. This color goes well to web designs because it imitates an intensely vivid shade.


Image result for glowing neon"

Used by creatives to attract attention, the intense color of neon is on track to enhance our designs for 2020. The luminous effect brought by this color gives a strikingly, night-like vibe to the eyes. What’s great about this is that you can play with colors and fonts, as well. These glowing neon hues can be bright, deep, or blinding. Nevertheless, it will surely catch the eyes of your viewers.


Image result for DEEP SAFFRON"


Image result for AQUA MENTHE"


Image result for VINTAGE PALLETES"

WHITE Using a white background for the web never goes out of the spotlight. It is not only because it’s the safest choice. After all, it is actually challenging to allure your audience when you use a plain background. However, white backgrounds promote harmony with the entirety of your website. Plus, white promotes purity and cleanliness. At the end of the day, above all hues, it is the quality of your brand that counts.

As a website designer, we need to be updated with the trending colors every year to offer the best website design for our clients.

If you are a business owner and to have a fresh look of your website with these trending colors in 2020, we can surely help you!

You may contact us and schedule a meeting at our Torrance office:


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