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Climatronix came to My Web Design Source to market and build their ecommerce store for their products. We discussed their needs and offered them a full blown ecommerce platform using Magento Ecommerce ( ).


  1. Flash slide show on the home page with content management system capabilities

  2. Full blown ecommerce solutions which includes product inventory, client management, sales management

  3. Social Media buttons links

  4. Magento Ecommerce content management system and ecommerce platform ( )

Climatronix was established in direct response to an unmet demand in the existing cooling system market. The home theater, audio/video, home automation and digital media markets have rapidly expanded in spite of a turbulent economy. Every day more companies are entering this robust marketplace. However, there is an important aspect of this market that is significantly underserved. Electronic equipment produces a large amount of heat and this trend is only going to continue as our need for automation and better technology grows. This excess heat will degrade equipment, shortening its life dramatically, if not properly addressed. This issue is compounded by the usual method of storing the components in a vertical stack in an enclosed audio/video equipment cabinet or closet. The cooling systems provided with components are not sufficient to combat the huge quantities of heat produced by the combined components on these arrangements.

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