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Client Sample Presentation Jan 13th, 2009

With all our potential clients, we do a “mock” or sample site for free at no obligation. This helps the client to determine if we are right fit for their project and beats out any of our competition! I won’t disclose the mock site we did as this project is still under development but all I can say is the turn around time for a full flash mock for them was around 3 days and we worked on it over one weekend. I like the client’s challenge, thus the extra effort in the “Free” mock Flash Site!

Here are my notes that usually applies to many of our new potential clients as well.

Why A Website?

  1. Goals

  2. Current

  3. Expected Results

  4. Budget

  5. who is your target audience

  6. features

  7. functions

  8. visitor experience

  9. future changes & updates

  10. marketing efforts

Current Web Development

  1. With all our potential clients, we do a “mock” or sample site for free at no obligation.

Web Design Ideas

  1. Flash, Java Script, html text, css

  2. Picture Gallery

  3. Flash Print Catalog Pages

Search Engine Marketing & Beyond

  1. Google Adwords

  2. Organic Results – Blogging, Directory Submissions, Search Engine Optimization

  3. Marketing past, current and future clients.


Web 2.0

  1. Usability

  2. Participation

  3. Convergence

  4. Design

  5. Standardization

  6. Blogs

  7. Video, Audio

  8. Ajax

  9. Focus on Simplicity

  10. Recomendation


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