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Biggest mistakes of DIY websites

Doing it Yourself websites can be both fun and cost-saving at the same time. But did it cost you less? Check these items from the lists below if you’ve already did these mistakes.

Failing to have a clear introduction

First things first. The first few seconds of your first-time website visitors are important. You have to show them who you are, what you do and how can you help them. The content of your introduction must be able to demand attention from the viewers from the moment they first see it.

Too many irrelevant information

Less is more. Stop overwhelming your website visitors! They came to your website because they think you might be able to help them whether it’s the information they’re looking for or the service they need from you.

They need to be able to achieve their purpose of visiting your website as quickly as possible by showing directly your products, services or information you offer or an easily seen navigation link for those pages.

Not using Call to Action

You were able to show greatly what services or products you are offering. Now, what’s next for your visitors? EXIT. If you won’t encourage them to do the next step to achieve their purpose of visiting your website you won’t be able to reach them. Add sign up forms for them to be able to reach you immediately.

Inconsistent images

Your images will be the first one to communicate with your visitors directly. Make sure they will adhere to your branding. Include colors that are on your website. They will tell your visitors who you are and why should they trust you. Make use of professional looking images because they will create the overall visual feel of your website. You can hire a graphics designer or use some stock images.

Not mobile responsive

Almost half of your website visitors now are accessing it using their mobile phones. And when you say mobile phones, there could be multiple screen sizes different operating systems versions. Your website should be able to handle that! By doing a responsive website design that could be able to adjust to different screen sizes would be able to help your visitors navigate easily using any devices, not just desktop.

Not optimizing for search engines

You have a good looking website, but no one finds it. Plan accordingly how people will find you online, failure to do this will result in traffic loss in the future. You need to have a creative plan how people will be able to notify you immediately.

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