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Big changes to the internet for the past decade

From the 1969 moon landing to the capturing of the first blackhole image in 2019, the humankind has achieved a lot in their attempt to suffice answers to the human inquiries. It is also another success for us to have the capacity to communicate with people from long distances in a short period. The series of progress brought about significant changes to the internet over time. Here are some of the notable developments to the internet over the decade:

2009: The Search Engine Before people relied on google for information such as, “How do I turn off this computer?” or “What is the color of a Tyrannosaurus?” people depended on newspapers and encyclopedia for information. Yet the year 2009 became the breakthrough for the internet. Almost 70 percent of the residents in the United States directed to the internet as their source of information. What was once a long hour of book searching in the library became a few seconds to a minute of typing on the computer. Presenting a digital space that is convenient yet simple to navigate challenged the longevity of print media even up to this day.

2011: High-Speed Access LTE signaled the hold for permitting faster internet access. The Long Term Evolution embodies quicker wireless communications for cellular mobiles. This break yielded web designers to enhance the features of their web sites to entice more users. This also fascinated users to access social media in a longer period of time.

2012: The Boom of YouTube The year became robust to YouTube. Thanks to the faster internet connection that lured more than 7 million Australian homes to gain access to the internet through a broadband connection. YouTube became humongous in a short time after its development in 2005. This site became even enormous to its users now that they also have the opportunity to post vlogs.

2015: Teenager Population on Social Media Supported by the accessibility to the internet brought by smartphones, a whopping 92% of teens admit going online daily. Most of them range from ages 13 to 17 years old. In line with this, another social media site where teens were prominent was Facebook. Instagram was also famous for teenage girls more than boys. Twitter and Snapchat were also a platform most visited for teenagers.

2019: The Billion Users What started as a privilege to have online access became one of the human’s basic needs. As reported, records show a 9 percent increase of users in contrast to the year prior. This percentage is equivalent to more or less than 366 million increase in users amounting to over 4.3 billion internet operators globally (Kemp, 2019). The impressive growth across digital media presents how people’s internet usage evolves quickly as time passes by. What more can we expect from the internet in the next decade?

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