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American Fish Grill – Top Rated LA Restaurant – Clorder Online Ordering

Who says that the healthy choices come with the boatload of money and compromised taste? At American Fish Grill, simply healthy is the motto and healthy menu prepared with carefully selected ingredients is the taste bud tantalizer. AFG has something for everyone, be it veggie lover or meat or fish lover. One can not go wrong with the array of savory choices available here. The recipes are fresh,mostly organic,and so is the ambiance. The menu is constantly evolving to offer best of the best to its customers at reasonable price.

To send its aroma to the large segment of food lovers,the restaurant has tactfully established it’s presence on various social media platforms. Also, the online ordering option is a life saver for on the go, busy food lovers and for those who want convenience and comfort. The Clorder powered online ordering system is helping the restaurant expand its customer base, build a strong brand, provide SEO services by giving full control to the restaurant owner and preserving the core brand value. Through the system, the restaurant owner can notify which menu item is the best seller and which one is non popular, who are its loyal costumers etc and therefore, the efforts of marketing can best be directed towards the identified area. With Clorder’s innovative, flexible and customizable application, the restaurant can expand its customer base through various online ordering platforms such as mobile ordering, facebook ordering, web ordering and many more. Powered with all the tools by Clorder,  American Fish Grill is committed for excellence and rewarding the customer’s palate and taste buds.

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